What I’ve Been Watching in December: ‘Licorice Pizza’ and ‘Drive My Car’ (My Favourite Films of 2021)

In this final edition of ‘What I’ve Been Watching’, I pay tribute to my two favourite films of 2021, both of which I caught in December.

What I’ve Been Watching in November: New Releases (3 Highlights)

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‘The Power of the Dog’ Review: An Engrossing Return to Big-Screen Fare From Jane Campion

Jane Campion’s latest film is a masterclass in consistently building tension while simultaneously adding fascinating new layers to its characters with each chapter, boasting excellence in multiple areas including the cinematography, score, and performances.

‘King Richard’ Review: Will Smith Excels in Stirring Biographical Sports Drama

Reinaldo Marcus Green’s feature operates as a compelling family drama as well as a rousing sports flick, featuring Will Smith’s best performance since Ali.

How Season 3 of ‘Sex Education’ Cements the Netflix Series as My Favourite Ongoing Show: What I’ve Been Watching in September

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What I’ve Been Watching in August: Revisiting ‘School of Rock’

For the August edition of ‘What I’ve Been Watching’, I eulogize about School of Rock and explore the reasons why it resonates so strongly with me and many others 18 years after its release.