‘The White Lotus’ Review: One of the TV Highlights of 2021

The thrill of Mike White’s satirical piece of television is not finding out whodunnit; it is watching its immensely gifted showrunner tackle several issues such as class divisions, gender roles, and grief in a simultaneously poignant and hysterical fashion.

What I’ve Been Watching in April: Films Involving This Year’s Oscar Nominees

In this latest edition of ‘What I’ve Been Watching’, I highlight five films starring or directed by a few of the people nominated at the latest Academy Awards.

‘Shiva Baby’ Review: Simultaneously Entertaining and Stressful Viewing

A fine tonal juxtaposition, a breakout turn for Rachel Sennott, and an enthralling unveiling of Seligman’s writing and directorial talents, it will be difficult to find a movie that is as simultaneously stressful and thrilling as this one in 2021.

What I’ve Been Watching in March: Japanese Cinema – Five Highlights

Having delved into Japanese cinema over the past month, I spotlight five highly impressive films from the nation, ranging from historical dramas to psychological horror.