‘Alex Wheatle’ Review: The Penultimate Instalment of ‘Small Axe’ is a Compelling Coming-of-Age Tale

The latest piece in the anthology occasionally takes a few missteps in its depiction of the Jamaican-born titular figure’s challenges, but is ultimately tale of an individual making something out of nothing.

‘Red, White and Blue’ Review: Third Entry in ‘Small Axe’ Anthology Tackles Systemic Racism in the Police Force

‘Red, White and Blue’ is yet another captivating entry in the Small Axe anthology, offering stimulating insight into the challenges in shaping reform and questioning whether the sacrifices made to do so are warranted.

‘Lovers Rock’ Review: Second Entry in ‘Small Axe’ Series is a Lyrical and Blissful Celebration of Young Love and Reggae Music

An effervescent, sultry counter to the intense and emotionally overwhelming Mangrove, this piece marks a welcome change of pace for McQueen in his filmography, demonstrating his ability to craft an engaging love story distinguished by reggae music.

‘Mangrove’ Review: First Entry in Steve McQueen’s ‘Small Axe’ Anthology Series is a Triumph

Managing to succeed as a nuanced depiction of Black British activism, a poignant reflection of West Indian culture, and a riveting courtroom drama, Mangrove exemplifies McQueen’s skill at vividly capturing real-life events on film.